Saturday, January 27, 2007

A great use for a camera phone

In general, I've been pretty disappointed with the quality of pictures that come out of my camera phone. I'm on my 3rd phone that came with a built in camera, and they're still piceces of crap. Crap-cams.

But, I've found one great use for the camera in my phone. During the course of my business and personal life, I'm fortunate enough to get to enjoy many different types and kinds of wine. Instead of taking manual notes about the wines that I like (which tends to be rude at a business dinner anyway), I take a quick picture of the label with my camera phone. I dump all of these pictures into a folder on my computer and refer back to them later when I'm feeling experimental. What was that wine the sommelier recommended at Emeril's last month? Ah, I remember. I took a photo of it.

And, I only do this for wines I like, so I don't need to do anything more. It's not wine spectator, but with my aging memory, it's better than writing on a scrap of yellow paper I carry around in my wallet (wink to my dad on that one).

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