Monday, January 29, 2007

Practice safe calling

Since October, I've been working with a great group of people at a venture-backed startup called Jangl. The Jangl offices are located in Pleasanton, which is a really nice benefit. It's the shortest commute I've had since I lived in Palo Alto and worked at Silicon Graphics.

Jangl was founded by two guys, Michael Cerda and Ben Dean. Both are veterans of the networking and telecom worlds, specifically voice-over-IP related products and services.

With Jangl, you share a personalized Jangl ID rather than your real phone number. People use your ID to get your phone number. Then, Jangl gives you a control panel that lets you control all incoming and outgoing calls. If you want privacy, Jangl lets you be anonymous. If you want control, Jangl lets you decide when and if you want to talk. It lets you have the same kind of control over your phone that you have with email.

As an example, if you wanted to call me, you could just click on this link:

You'll be taken to a site where you enter the number you'll be calling me from, and Jangl will give you my number in return. The first time you call me, you'll introduce yourself so that I know who's calling and I can choose whether to take the call. From that point on, we can use the Jangl Number to call each other and we can both enjoy the service benefits of Jangl if we want.

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