Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Safe dating

At the recent CES show, I managed a small booth on the show floor to talk about the benefits of using the Jangl service to share your mobile phone number with people rather than giving them your real number. People wanting control over their incoming calls, revocability (i.e. call blocking), privacy/anonymity, etc. are typical adopters of the Jangl service.

While we have a distribution deal with dating site, we were assuming that at CES we would encounter other possible business use cases for Jangl. One thing that became immediately clear was how useful Jangl can be for anyone in the dating market. Specifically, we heard a lot of people talk about teaching their daughters how to date responsibly. Having a daughter myself (not dating yet!), I was keenly interested in this subject.

What I learned was that a lot of people meet each other online and are very nervous making that transition from online relationship to offline (i.e. face-to-face) meetings. Parents want to teach their daughters how to do this safely in the same way they are already coaching them to call home, watch their drink being poured, etc. It seems like Jangl can be a great solution for protecting your mobile phone number from unwanted calls and/or messages. Phalking (phone stalking) is a very real problem, and Jangl can help. As a parent, that feels pretty cool.

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