Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Beta testing

One of the benefits of working on consumer products in the valley for so many years is that I meet a lot of great people who go on to work for other great companies. A friend of mine went to work for Dash Navigation. Better still, he put a good word and arranged for me to be one of their beta testers. This means I get early access to their system and can't tell you anything meaningful about their product.

But, I can talk about what's publicly known about their product. Besides the CES awards, the live Yahoo! linkup and real-time traffic information, what's really cool about the Dash system is the mesh network (via built-in WiFi) it will be able to create in populated metropolitan areas. This means a network of Dash devices in the Bay Area will be able to pass live data from car-to-car (and from car-to-car-to-car). Once you have a network like this in place, the possibilities are truly endless.

I can't say much more now, but stay tuned. It's a great product already. I'll share more when I can.

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