Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cut the cord

There was an interesting story in the USA Today yesterday on consumer VoIP. It's about how voice-over-IP communication is entering the mainstream now, and how more and more consumers are cutting the cord from their traditional landline phones. I stopped using a landline phone back in December of 2005. Instead, I use Skype for many of my outgoing phone calls when I'm at home.

For me, the article was quite timely. This morning, I was talking to a friend on my cell phone during my drive into the office. The call was a Jangl call, and I was using the bluetooth handsfree speakerphone in my car. Jangl is a really interesting consumer application which is built on top of a VoIP backbone. Jangl then provides software features via their website that let you control your incoming and outgoing calls. The bluetooth connection is also a short-range IP connection, mainly for connecting smaller devices over short distances. On the other end, the person I was speaking to was using a Vonage line in their home

So, I had an IP phone call (from Vonage) going through an IP backbone (Jangl) to a local IP connection in my car (bluetooth). I had one of those technology moments where you really start to realize how technology has changed our lives.

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