Monday, February 05, 2007

DRM Whitepaper

The second whitepaper I wrote last year was about Digital Deck's DRM (Digital Rights Management) and included a description of how we were able to securely stream TiVo recordings (.tivo files) throughout the home. I believe we were the first (and possibly only) company to provide this functionality.

Because Digital Deck streamed video to/from a PC in the home, it was important to understand how (and when) content was protected. Moving from SD to HD was going to further complicate this problem, because the copy protection associated with high definition recordings is much stricter than with analog, standard definition video streams. The looser treatment of SD content is lovingly referred to as "the digital hole". The MPAA and NFL are always interested in ways to try to plug this hole, but the cat is out of the bag on that one.

Here is the abstract for this whitepaper:
This document is a brief overview of digital rights management features included in the Digital Deck Home Media Entertainment System. This document primarily focuses on the DRM issues associated with video transmission and recording. Supported media formats, playback modes and cross-platform compatibility are all addressed.

The full document may be downloaded here: DRM_Whitepaper

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