Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fun with SMS

Tuesday I had lunch with a friend, Zaw Thet. I was first introduced to Zaw when he was in charge of business development at Spoke and I was in charge of product marketing at TiVo. I later met him in person and blogged about him then. Zaw is now the CEO of 4INFO. 4INFO is an SMS service which let's you query (or get mobile alerts) on things like sports, weather, stocks, movie showtimes, and more.

Last fall, 4INFO announced their open platform and launched it at the DEMOfall 2006 conference. Zaw talks more about open platform here, and Scoble did a great interview (and demo) with Zaw here.

What I think is really great about open platform is that you can create your own keyword actions and send your requests through their short-code (44636). Here's a simple example: Text message "tedmalone" (without the quotes) to the phone number 44636. You will receive a menu of options to get more contact information for me. It's an interactive, SMS business card.

You can try a new use of 4INFO's open platform that you're reading here first. I've been working on a side project in the wine technology space. I'm not ready to launch the product yet, but you can get a sneak peek with part of it this way. Text message "vino year wine" (without the quotes) to 44636 and see what you get. An example query would be: "vino 2001 silver oak cabernet". Enjoy!

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