Friday, February 09, 2007

Go fly a Kyte

My buddy Josh introduced me to the new COO at this week, Andre Sevigny. Decentral TV's mission is "to connect like-minded people by allowing real-time collaboration through rich-media." Their Kyte product let's you build your own TV channels, embedding images, slideshows, videos, polls, etc. all into your own interactive channel. You have basic editing functions to layout your channel, you can create title slates, photo captions, and the like. Then, you can broadcast your channel from their site (you get your own URL) or you can snip it from their site like a widget and paste it onto your own website, blog or profile page.

It sounds like a lot of other products, until you pick up on the other part of their mission statement, "allowing real-time collaboration". What you can do is tune into these virtual channels around the web and interact in real-time with other viewers (live chat). One person may be watching the channel from the website, while another viewer may be watching it from my blog. The viewers can now chat and interact with each other via the Kyte player. Pretty cool.

I haven't spent a lot of time with it yet, but I did create a simple channel using some digital photos from when my daughter and I went to The Nutcracker back in December. I'm going to embed the channel here to see how things work. Check it out.

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