Friday, January 26, 2007

A hot day in Munich

Last summer I traveled to Europe to take European delivery of a new BMW. I've been meaning to document the trip, so here goes. I arrived in mid-July during the middle of a pan-European heat-wave. Can you say Global Warming? I think you can.

My friend Ken came along on the trip, but wasn't scheduled to arrive until the next day. So, I decided to explore Munich a bit. I had been there before on several occasions, so I decided to just walk around and enjoy the weather. I exited out of the subway into the middle of a street fair. Awesome.

The picture attached to this post is a bottle of Cuban beer I enjoyed during the fair. Everyone seems to know about Cuban cigars, and that you can't buy them (legally) in the U.S. Not many people seem to know that beer is affected by the same embargo. It was actually a really tasty beer called Cubay. I'll be uploading some other photos from the street fair and general wanderings around Munich during the awesome weather.

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