Friday, February 09, 2007

A kick-ass bottle of Cabernet

If you like to occasionally splurge on an expensive bottle of California Cabernet, this is the bottle of wine for you. It just went on sale at, and it's a great deal at this price (~$75). I've had the 1997 and 1999 vintages, and they knocked my socks off. 2001 was another great year in Napa, so you can bet this will continue the tradition. Constant is a relatively new winery, only producing wines for about 10 years. They've all scored low 90's out of the gate and moved towards the mid-90's as they've aged. I'd take this wine over a $100 bottle of Silver Oak any day. And, it's got the caché of a limited production, cult winery (sub 1000 cases) vs. a 25,000 case/year powerhouse.

This wine is the Constant 2001 Diamond Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. If you open it soon, be prepared to decant it and let it open up for a couple of hours. You'll be welcomed with a deep, dark, rich wine that's full of fruity (blackberry, blueberry & plum) flavors with smoky, oaky undertones and a luxurious finish. Pair it with a nice fat steak or anything that you need a bold, full glass of wine to compliment.

Note: Edited to point to V2V so you can find the wine online. It's gone from now.

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Davis Freeberg said...

The great thing about limited production wines is that everytime someone else drinks a bottle, yours gets a little more valuable. Of course it doesn't save you any money if you just end up drinking it, but the wait sure makes it taste a lot better.