Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lago di Garda - Sirmione, Italy

From Bolzano, we followed this route south to the second largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda. The next scheduled stop on our quest was a small town called Sirmione. Sirmione is a little town on the end of a peninsula that juts out into the lake. It's guarded by an ancient castle that serves as the gateway into town and a major tourist attraction.

Michele and I first discovered Sirmione a few years back when traveling to Venice for Carnivàle with (then) 9-month old Megan. It is also close to the Valpolicella wine region and a good days drive from Munich. It was the perfect place to stop.

We exited the autostrada near Peschiera del Garda and found a car wash. We didn't want to roll into town with a dirty car, especially in a town where you have to drive along the same tiny streets/sidewalks where people are walking and shopping. It seemed like the polite thing to do.

Fortunately, we had arrived in the evening hours during one of the windows of time when they let you drive on the streets of the town of Sirmione. If you're staying at a hotel inside the town, the hotel will put your name on a list and the guard shack outside the castle gate will allow you to pass. Because we were literally driving down sidewalks filled with people, we had to drive at a crawl. Our destination, Hotel Flaminia, was a short way inside the town in a small square on the west side of the peninsula. It's a great little hotel, but I might consider the Hotel Sirmione when I'm there the next time. It looked really nice.

We ate at several restaurants in town, but the hightlight was La Speranzina. I've been there several times, and the food has always been great, the service exemplary, and the owners are a fun, interesting, attractive couple.

Up next, wine tasting in the Valpolicella.

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Eva Solorio said...

Ted, your photo's are amazing. What a beautiful trip. I'm jealous. :) E-