Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pinewood Derby

This cam pic is my daughter's pinewood derby car in staging just after the weigh-in. Her car is the shiny pink one. This was for the recent Tri-Valley Indian Princess pinewood derby race. A local newspaper even covered the event here.

My daughter and her fellow princesses had a great time at the event. For this event, they run 4 cars at a time on 2 separate tracks. The cars that come in 3rd or 4th get a punch on their cards. After 3 punches, a car is eliminated and the race continues until only 4 cars are left. At that point, it's just a straight race.

Her car ran 7 races before getting her first punch. Unfortunately, at that time she got 3 punches in a row. She was a trooper though, with just a couple of small tears. Out of 120 entires, I think her car lasted until the final 20 or so. Great job sweetie!

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