Monday, February 26, 2007

Offline posting software

I've started playing with Windows Live Writer (beta) software for my blog authoring. They promised wysiwyg editing and the ability to post to multiple blog sites. It's not automatic cross posting, but it's pretty close. What you can do is author a post and choose which blog you are targeting with the post. Live Writer shows you what the post will look like, and even let's you prview it on your blog site before posting. Once you've posted, you can change the blog target for your post from one site to another. The post gets re-formatted into the style of the new site (assuming it's different) and you can then publish to the second site. So far, I've used Live Writer to post to Blogger and a version of WordPress 2.1 that I'm hosting at my own website.

I've run into a couple of problems so far when trying to post to Blogger. In Blogger, I like to use a small image to represent each blog post. It's kind of a signature thing for me. While you can do this when posting from the Blogger interface, Live Writer says that my blogsite does not support this and wants me to point the software at an ftp site for automatic image publishing. Nice feature, but I don't have an ftp site right now. The work-around for this is that I have to publish the post and then go to Blogger to add the icon image.

Live Writer also doesn't seem to support Blogger labels (tags) yet. So, it's not perfect, but it doesn't suck either. I do like the ability to author a post offline, so I'll keep using it for a while to see whether it can be a good, long-term solution.

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