Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recruiters & The signing bonus

I recently had a nice sushi lunch with a recruiter friend of mine, Amy Vernetti who works with Taylor Winfield. She recently wrote an interesting article for Matt's gig (great read btw) about how more-and-more companies are back to offering signing bonuses to attract good candidates. Good news for executives, but not so good news for early-stage companies.

What's really great about Amy is that she's a person first, and a recruiter second. She establishes relationships, and maintains them even when she's not working on a relevant search. She knows you don't build your rolodex by just going out and asking everyone for referrals. She gets business because people want to work with her. I like working with her, because I enjoy her as a person, not just because I want her to get me a job.

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