Friday, February 16, 2007

Whatever makes you feel better

This article from GMSV this morning alerted me to a prior story from the NYT. The original story claims that DVR owners still watch 50% to 60% of commercials. This statistic apparently coming from the same Nielsen group which thinks that the behavior of 5,000 television viewing individuals gives them full insight into what 110 million TV homes are doing.

At TiVo, we sampled the behavior of roughly 40,000 viewers every day, and reported commercial skipping behavior closer to 80%, leaving commercial viewing closer to 20%. This research included live TV viewing behavior, and highlighted just how many people actually paused live TV for a while (even when the show was live) so that they could then fast-forward over the commercials. About the only programming which was truly watched live was sporting events and award shows.

I'm afraid the NYT may have been duped on this one.

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