Thursday, March 08, 2007

San Francisco Neighborhoods

Well, it looks like my brother Mike may be moving to the Bay Area this summer. His girlfriend was just offered a job with The Gap as part of a management training program scheduled to start in August, and she accepted the job.

I think they've decided to live in The City, so I'm taking them on a tour today of some of the many neighborhoods in SF. I lived in SF for almost 10 years, first in Presidio Heights, then Cole Valley and finally Eureka Valley before finally bailing out and moving south to Palo Alto. (full list of SF neighborhoods) But, I left almost 10 years ago and I'm sure the neighborhoods have changed since then.

Living in the city, it was fun getting to know the character of the different neighborhoods. I've never lived in NYC, but I've heard that it's a similar phenomenon, on a smaller scale. Some of the neighborhoods have a definite ethnic slant, while others have more of a demographic (i.e. age & economic) slant. Even though SF is quite small as far as major cities go, the weather also varies greatly between the western and southern neighborhoods. Public transportation, parking, nightlife - these are all important variables for them.

I think we'll grab this map and just hit the streets. When they see something they like, they can circle it. When they see something they don't like, we'll cross it off. Once they have a better feel for what they like, they can start watching Craigslist,, etc. for rentals when their time to move gets close. For me, it will just be fun driving through the city, hopefully with the top down!

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