Friday, March 23, 2007

You gotta love California

This past weekend I rode my motorcycle up to Reno to visit a friend and to go skiing. Even though it's mid-March, the weather was spectacular. It was in the 60's for most of my ride, falling to the high 40's when I crossed Carson pass. Instead of taking the fast route, I took highway 88 past Kirkwood and came up on Reno from the south.

We skied at Northstar on Sunday in weather that was close to 60-degrees. I hadn't skied in over 10 years, and this was my first time on parabolic skis. After such a long hiatus, I think I skied fairly well. After a tutorial on how to properly ski on this new type of ski, I started to catch on. I think I'll need to try them again before I feel comfortable with them.

At the end, it was a great weekend. How many places can you go on a beautiful, sunny motorcycle ride and then go skiing at a world class resort? You've gotta love California.

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