Sunday, April 01, 2007


At TiVo, we helped make time-shifting possible for many. It had been promised by the VCR, but that promise didn't really become a reality for the masses until the DVR.

In 2004, the founders of Sling launched an entirely new category of products with their first place-shifting product. Unlike time-shifting, which lets you watch your TV "when" you want, place-shifting lets you watch that same TV "where" you want. Whether it's live TV or a video device, the SlingBox beams your TV signal out of the home over your broadband link to a remote PC or multi-media cellular phone.

So, I'm now creating a new term, job-shifting. It's where I move from my current entrepreneurial enterprise into full-time employment with Sling. Starting tomorrow, I start as the vice president of product marketing and product management at Sling Media. I'm really excited to be working with the team at Sling, and on the exciting new products on their roadmap. Hang on, I think this is going to be an e-ticket ride.

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