Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cool new Windows phone

Here is a great new Windows Mobile based cell phone. They haven't announced who the manufacturers are going to be yet, but I'm sure they're lining up. Now, I just need to make sure we can get Sling Player Mobile up and running on it.

Think of it as TV-in-the-round. Awesome!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fun with SlingBox

After the first month, I've been having a great time at Sling Media. It reminds me a bit of TiVo in the early days, but even more so. What's amazing is that Sling has acquired customers at a faster rate than TiVo did, and has managed to deliver a second generation of SlingBoxes (Tuner, A/V and Pro) as well as peripherals (SlingLink, HD Connect, etc.) It's pretty impressive for a company that's barely 2 years old.

In the process, I've purchased my first SlingBox. It's the A/V model which supports a single source device. I'm using a TiVo/DVD recorder as the source and the SlingBox let's me watch the output of the TiVo on my laptop while I'm roaming inside or outside the house. I can also access it from my Motorola Q cell phone and watch full-screen video. My daughter likes it so much she wants to watch TV on it while we're at home. The quality of the picture is great, and it's really impressive how well the product works. I'm really excited to be a part of this world-class team.